Collaborative Drawing


At the New Museum in NYC for the Pawel Althamer’s “Draftmen’s Congress” exhibit with Dalvero Academy yesterday, we had a terrific time! The artist invited people to draw and paint everywhere and anywhere in the gallery space. What fun. Spontaneous drawing at it’s best. Great sense of freedom, it made us feel like kids. Above is a collaboration between a stranger’s painting, my son James and myself. The stranger laid down the splattered background, I filled in the cat shape, and James made the face. Oh and of course I couldn’t help scratching some marks into the paint, kinda like a cat would. ;)

I also made this painting of a little girl walking her dog under a peace sign. I didnt notice until I got home that it was a Mercedes symbol! Would’ve changed it for sure, but I still like how the painting came out. I’m inspired to do more work like this:photo-62

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