Coincidental Illustration

Last year I was commissioned to illustrate a jungle scene for the LA swimsuit designer Palmela G.  It was, and still is, being used as the splash page on the company’s website, and looks like this:PalmelaGSince sketches rarely see the light of day after the job is done, I thought I’d let mine out and share with everyone.

First, I made some line sketches. Followed by the color versions. Sometimes I like to manipulate the sketches in the computer for the thumbnailing/sketching phase. I like the happy accidents that happen, and welcome the change of pace.

I think I like them better than the final. Ssh… Sometimes that happens. 😉

But the craziest thing about this job is what happened a week before I got the call for an illustration of  “a jungle scene that HAD TO include vines, a monkey, a bird, a snow leopard and tropical flora”.  I was at the Museum of Natural History with my son. We sat in the Rainforest room that’s right next to the room with the whale. So, RAINFOREST and JUNGLE are basically the same thing, right? Anyway, we sat in there for a long time. And we drew, and I made the following drawing:


Crazy right?????


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