…a meeting in the park

Here are the drawings of the girls we met in Brookdale Park today. I promised I would post them, so here they are. (click on them for larger images)

Candice, Classy, Kyasia, Shania, and Naquiasia all enthusiastically came to model for me. Besides being super cute and having some sassy hairstyles, they were also very patient and kind to my little James as he kept interrupting their game of catch. Their big shiny orange bouncy ball was just irresistible to him. Classy, in a manner suiting her name, kept trying to teach: “You can play with us, as long as you don’t run off with the ball” But James kept running off with the ball! And Classy would smile.

Candice and Classy– the sisters with beads adorning their braids. Some of them are shaped like bows! Really cute. Kyasia–with the pretty heart necklace. She liked how I made her look a little older. Naquiasia–the little Art Director! She made me laugh as she voiced her requests one by one. “More curls over here! More pink over there!” She even pointed out where a braid was missing. Haha! And last but not least, Shania. To me she seemed like the oldest of the group. As she sat on bench next to me, she watched the children in the playground and gave me a play-by-play of what a pretty little toddler was up to. “A romantic”, I kept thinking, as I drew her crocheted shawl in blue–her favorite color.

It was so nice meeting and drawing all of you lovely young ladies! Hope to see you there again soon!

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Hi Despina, I love these drawings and the story to go with it. Sounds like a nice day! – Ronnie

  2. audrey

    That is so sweet, Despina! I love it

  3. Despina

    Thanks Audrey. They were really sweet

  4. Despina

    Thanks Ronnie! Drawing the playground was fun to. Coming soon… 🙂

  5. Yvette

    Hi Despina, Thanks SOOOOO MUCH for posting the drawings!! They are REALLY NICE!:)! I’m sure the girls will love them when they see them. Thanks for making our meeting in the park “picture perfect”!
    PS – I’m the lady who brought the girls 😀

  6. Despina

    Hi Yvette! I was hoping you would write because I never asked for your name! So we officially meet on my blog! Wonderful!
    It was my pleasure to draw the girls! They are such sweethearts.
    Give my best to them!

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