…an experiment in animation

This morning, I was reading about this year’s Paris Motor Show , and that led me to this gallery of some of the newest and most bizarre cars that are being made today. I’ve always been so impressed by auto and motorcycle design. From the practical to the exotic, the thought that goes behind the design is astonishing.

So as I was reading, I was reminded of some drawings I made a few years ago of a Lamborghini. I have to say it was sooo difficult to draw. In fact, I think that was the day I realized my respect for car design! While browsing through my old drawings in which I extracted the most interesting design elements of the car, I found a little flipbook I made from them. I decided to take advantage of the animation feature in Adobe Photoshop. It took me a couple of hours to figure it out and make my flipbook come to life. It’s a bit of a rough draft of an advert for the car company. The theme is “Elements of Design Merging”. 2010©despinageorgiadis

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Fantastic Despina! I’m going to show this to my students… xo Ron

  2. Despina

    thanks! Sounds good, for which class?

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