So Picasso is back in town people! The exhibition of his works is open to the public today through August 1st at the Met.

Thanks to our good friend and fellow studio1482 member, Michele, we got a chance to attend a lecture last Saturday given by Sabine Rewalde at the museum. She talked about how this exhibition is different in that it has no theme. It’s a showing of all the artisit’s work that the museum has accumulated through the years. It was interesting to hear the stories of how and when the museum acquired some of the work. And of course good ole Pablo is always inspiring. The sheer amount of work, the variety in it, the matter-of-fact approach to such awe inspiring images. He was truly a phenomenon.

Here’s one of my favorite paintings of his that the Met has had on display. I always find myself drawn to it.

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  1. audrey

    I was at Moma yesterday where they have a show of Picasso’s prints. You should go and get a double dose. It was an amazing show!

  2. Despina

    yes, it’s on my to do list!

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