I recently went to the 3rd annual Village Voice Food Show at the Armory in NYC. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

I thought the night was off to a bad start when on my way to the event I realized that I forgot my sketchpad and pens at home. But it turned out, I was better off because it would have been impossible to handle juggling them along with endless paper plates and cups filled with NYC’s finest culinary treats. Instead, I borrowed my husband’s i-phone and used an APP called doodlebuddy to jot down my favorite savory and sweet fares.

Pretty fun night as I combined two of my very favorite things: drawing and eating. Not necessarily in that order(depending on the moment!) Kinda like George Costanza, when he combined eating with, well…you know.

So here are a couple of my i-phone food doodles. Thought I’d share.

To test run the APP, I drew my friend Rob while we sat in a pub before the show:


Here’s real true doodle of the armory filled with a massive gathering of hungry people:


Swedish meatballs with lingenberry over mash potatoes from SmorgasChef:


Thai noodles with DELICIOUS cucumber and spicy spices:


An UNBELIEVABLE dessert- served in a contemporary clear plastic rectangular cup, buttermilk pudding with some fruit(should’ve written the details down) and get this- cumin seasoned croutons. I love the trend in desserts of mixing in a savory element. I think the more ridiculous the combination the better! Here’s a DoodleBuddy of it:


Lobster Luke’s BUTTER INFUSED Shrimp Sandwich. These guys actually had a contraption where a roller sits over a a container of melted butter. They rolled the bun on the roller giving it a good dousing of irresistable irreplacable butter:


A pulled pork sandwich from a place that makes really good things…sooo sorry to them for not remembering the name! It was really good:


So, no offense to these restaurants, but I can’t recall where I ate this simple but delectable skewered meat with celery. There was a shaker there on the table and I used it to liberally shake out what I soon after discovered to be some hot stuff! LOVED it:


So, I think it’s time for my favorite of the night. The food that sticks out most in my mind is one from Bunny Chow. A South African cuisine restaurant located down on Orchard Street. They had what they described as small loaf of bread stuffed with your choice of  vegetable or lamb curry, topped with a mango chutney and toasted coconut. The side of carrot salad had mango in it as well. It was really something:


Besides the food, there was a really great variety of beverages. I tried Prosecco for the first time. And an awesome beer called Witte. It’s so light and bubbly, I called it the champagne of beers. Yum.

Over all, a good night.

And here’s an ad I put together using the i-drawings. It’s meant to be a banner for the light posts in NYC

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