Summer Art Camp

I had such a great time working with the kids at the Freedom Academy this past August. We made 3 murals with the theme of Unity.

This was the second summer with the Freedom Academy. I really love working with children and these kids were a blast to make art with. Lots of talent, and lots of character.

Here is the bird mural the kids and I made. It is made up of individual paintings they made using feathers for brushes. When joining them altogether we created “Peace Through Unity”. The kids were thrilled to see it become a bird. And were very proud!

Here is the “Unity Tree” mural we made. The roots are the individual hands of the children. They filled their hands with symbols and drawings of what makes them unique from everyone else. When joined together, all their unique qualities built a strong root system for the future. They loved making hand prints for leaves.

And here is the Puzzle Mural. I had them paint in the separate pieces of this mural without telling what the final piece was. After working together to fit the pieces correctly they were surprised to see the word “Unity”. The theme of the overall Camp this year.

Working on the finishing touches.The kids would come to Art class after dance class, and they were fired up! So that’s why we kept the room dark and relaxing.


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