Seasons of 1482

We first got together to build an illustration promotional piece, and we ended up working on a project that is very dear to us. Fellow Studio 1482 members Michele Bedigian, Greg Betza, Dominick Santise and I created what we call Seasons of 1482. It is the beginning of something great!

Here is what the actual promo looks like. We each illustrated a season for our part, and I was responsible for Winter.


Working with three other artists on one idea/project was so interesting. As we progressed in our planning and during our discussions, it was fun to see how the four of us communicated about what was important to us. The ideas were flying around (and never wanted to land!), and the twists and turns we took were exciting. Our meetings at the museum were especially productive and inspiring. I think what we came up with is pretty exciting too!

Seasons of 1482 is ongoing and we have great plans for the future! We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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