Greek Orthodox traditions are quite different from other Christian religions. For example, for Easter, we don’t have a Bunny. I never searched for Easter Eggs as a kid. Now, despite the post-traumatic implications that this lack of ‘normal’ experience might have, I am sharing this info as a forward to the subject matter of my post for today.

Orthodox-style eggs are also quite different from the typical pastel colored shells you may be accustomed to. They are red. QUITE RED. And for me, what a messy ordeal! I was in the middle of doing about a million things when my mother called to remind me that it’s the Thursday before Easter- traditionally the day to dye eggs. So, naturally I was in a rush when I started to make them. I found out that this was a mistake straight from the beginning, when I carelessly tore open the package of potent red dye. What a mess I made. But in the end it was ok. The eggs came out nice and red, and after buffing them with some olive oil, shiny like little sports cars. Here’s an idea of my vantage point just after I carefully placed the finished eggs in a bowl.dgeasterredeggs

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  1. Despina

    ewwwww. somehow green eggs sounds more appetizing! haha!

  2. Sara Dilliplane

    Despina, I love your new blog! Can’t wait to read and see more…
    Happy spring! And love to you all!

  3. Despina

    Sara! Happy Spring to you too! Thanks! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! We may be heading up your way very soon actually!

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