Austin Houston and Maui

My family and I went on a long vacay and it was fabulous. We were so busy exploring adventuring that I didn’t have too much time for drawing. I am glad for the few drawings I was able to make.

Here’s the only drawing I made in Texas when we went to the Houston Space Center. It’s a view of the rocket boosters from the 2nd stage of the Saturn V. If you ask my son he’ll tell you all about them. But be prepared to stay a while, he is a space wiz! The universe was against me though, and concocted a crazy scheme to prevent me from drawing more by way of an lightning storm that cut our visit short. I really felt like hiding in one of those boosters so I could continue drawing. Houston we have a problem.




Next was MAUI. My goodness what a beautiful place. What a heavenly beautiful place.

Below are some drawings I managed to squeeze in.


Rainbow Overlook on our Road to Hana

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.41.11 AM


Hula Girl



Old Lahaina Banyon Tree



Old Lahaina Banyon Tree and Boy Who Loved It So Much He Sat and Chatted With It





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