…Oscars again

…or the Academy Awards. I think I may have started a tradition for myself by drawing while watching the Oscars! I did it last year, and this year I thought, why not again. Mostly I love looking at the classic styles and the not-so-classic gowns that the stars are skillfully presenting to the sea of cameras. It really is fascinating to watch. What a parade! I was very glad for Sandra Bullock, I thought her movie had a great message and so did her speech! I also like how she injected some fun and humor in her speech. She wasn’t so serious about the whole Oscar thing. I don’t much like it when the stars gush and “weep” for about an hour as they accept their awards.

Among the other stars that caught my fancy: Monique, Morgan Freeman, Colin Firth, and of course Meryl Streep.

So anyway, here are some of my drawings from the night:



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  1. audrey

    what a great idea! i love the drawings!

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